Monday, April 6, 2009

I just wanna be successful..

SUCCESS - The accomplishment of honest effort, hardwork & commitment.

I wish I could say I was successful, but unfortunately, I'm not quite there.. yet. Yes I've accomplished many things in life, I'm proud of it. But when I honestly think about it, I believe that the amount of hard work I put into things, isn't that much. It may get the job done, but it isn't my full potential. Its always easy to tell yourself you wanna do this, you wanna do that, but is your mind really up to it? Are you able to keep your eye on the goal, finish strong, despite what may come and slow you down...? Is your mind and body fully commited to what you are willing to do, and are you able to work hard enough and push yourself to what you want?

In the future, hopefully soon, my eyes will open up to reality and realize that life ISN'T easy after all. It all comes down to how hard you're willing to work for what you really want...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


"I was the class clown that, always kept you laughing, WE WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE BABY WE JUST HAPPENED"

APRIL FOOLS YESTERDAY- Me and Jason played the sexiest trick on Alessia.. HAHAHA
Let me get into detail..
So its like a tradition for me and Jason to play a joke on someone on April fools so this year we decided to do it again.. and the target? ALESSIA DAMBROSIO. HAH suckah got it forreaalll LOLOLOL. So me and Jason thought it would be funny to tell her that he liked her. So we planned stuff over night, and the next morning I was like.. "Yoo alessia I have to tell you something I don't know if youre gunna believe me though.." so obvs she gets excited and nervous at the same time. I typed it on my iPod and she obviousssllyyyy didn't believe me. Later on before first period.. I told Jason to text me during class saying things like "YOO WHEN SHOULD I TELL HER?" "DONT TELL HER THIS" "WHEN SHOULD DO I DO IT?" "NO WHAT! WHYD YOU TELL HER ALREADY OMG WHAT DID SHE SAY?" So when he texted me, I'd show her after because she sits beside me in first period LOL. oh man it worked out sooooooo goood LOL. And thing is, she was telling me how Jason asked for her number the other day, and added her on msn and stuff like that. After first period, we saw each other in the halls and Jason put his arm around her like something was up LOL (plan was working perfectly). This was the time we were supposed to tell her APRIL FOOLS. but no, Jason chilled and didn't tell her. So we were texting in class and right before the bell rings for 3rd, Jasons phone gets taken away LOL! AHAH Well yeah, there goes my April fools =)

LITERACY TEST TODAY- FREE COOKIES AND WATER YAY =D LOL DA's house after with a buncha guys+cheryl. Played ball and looked at Mr. Barber Daniel Agbuis pretty much it..

TOMORROW: OBA tournament at hoopdome, VRS. YAACE first, wanna see how that turns out!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

stiff neck =(

FRIDAY: Unfortunately woke up with a stiff neck, leaving me with nothing to do but be sad about it. Looked on google for a buncha ways to take it out before my games on saturday LOL. Unfortunately again, nothing worked and I just had to wait. Tried putting a burning towel on my neck (took it off the first 2 seconds LOL), put RUBA535 cause that always seemed to work when my body hurt... sadly, no. Uhhhh, asked my mommy for a massage.. helped for like 2 seconds nd the pain came back. Basically, my head was turned to my left shoulder the whole day. hahaha. sucks right? I know. I was supposed to go to DA's that day but I woke up like this and I didn't feel like going haha. Cleaned the house for a bit, DA called, cleaned again, made food, chilled with the momma, baby cousin came over, went to promenade with my cousins and my mom.. baby cousin was crying for like 10 minutes cause she wanted to be pushed in one of those toy cars and all she could say the whole time was boom boom (vroom vroom= car) LOL. Then had practice. I don't know how I was able to run but I did. btw, my mpaa is full of little girls that don't know how to play basketball except for 5 people. After practice, went to go sleep over sams. Usual procedure happened.. let me explain.--> Sam asks me if I wanna sleep over, I say go ask my dad. Sam asks her mom to ask my dad, he says ask my mom. They come over my house, eat, drink coffee, asks my mom, she says yes. Thats basically it. haha

SATURDAY: Woke up at 8 for mpaa game at lorne park. Lost by a bit 10 or more something around that. Coach is dumb, more than half the team doesn't know how to play. W.E, we'll beat them next time. Went to sams usual boring oba practice and played with the coaches little sons. After, went to NABA game. Falcons people flopped again LOL except for benji. Got slapped, wasn't a surprise.. Sam came over and ate and yeah. To sum up my day.. I was pissed off, hurt (physically) SO MANY BRUISES, oh any my neck? its still bad. People on google lied that it would be off after 5 hours. :@

SUNDAY: Still have the stiff neck.. faced little boys that play ball on my drive way. Ate at aunts house.